Amazing Things to Do and See in Slovenia



Slovenia is a country located in Central Europe. This country has something for everyone. There are plenty of quiet and relaxing places for those who want to get away from the city noise. Outdoor people can engage in plenty of activities. There are also a lot of places all over Slovenia you can visit. Therefore, you are assured of a memorable adventure when you visit Slovenia.

Mt Triglav

mt triglav1 (1)

Mt Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia. This automatically makes it a top attraction site in this country. Mt Triglav is also known for its significance among the local citizens. It showcases the pride and the unity of the Slovenian people. This is the reason you shouldn’t miss out on this tour while in this country in central Europe. Mt Triglav is one of the few places that offer a perfect view of the Alpine mountain range. The height of Mt Triglav also allows people to see other surrounding alpine mountains.

You must embark on hiking if you want to fully explore Mt Triglav and the surrounding landscape. The Aljaz tower is one of the spots you must be keen on while hiking. The landscape and the steeps offer different hiking adventure. There are plenty of hiking trails to choose from. This tower is clearly visible if you climb on top of the mountain. Make sure to take photographs next to the Aljaz tower if you climb on top. You should also check out a section of Triglav national park while hiking.


ljubljana1 (1)

Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia. It clearly presents the beauty of this country. There are plenty of things to see and do here in the capital city. Above all; you will be amazed by the architectural advances over the years. The dragon bridge is the first site in Ljubljana city you will come across. This bridge was built in the year 1901. There is a myth that claims the founder of this city killed a dragon. That is why there is a dragon statue next to the bridge. Anyone who checks out this bridge appreciates it beauty. Ljubljana castle is another attraction in the capital city. This castle is situated on castle hill. Ljubljana castle can be reached either through a tram or a short hike. You will have a perfect view of the city from the castle.

Move on to the triple bridge. The main bridge was built in the year 1842. The other two bridges were built in the year 1932. This bridge connects the old part of the city to the new and developed part of the city. You should also check out the beautiful Robba fountain while in the capital city of Slovenia. Robba fountain is situated in Mestni square. This fountain was first built in the year 1751. The original fountain was shifted to the national gallery.

Don’t leave Ljubljana city without touring Kizanke theater and music venue. A lot of local festival events and functions are held here. Make an effort of attending one of the events. You should also check out Saint Nicholas cathedral. This cathedral was built in the year 1706. The baroque architectural design makes this cathedral stand out. Saint Nicholas cathedral also has some beautiful paintings and statues.

Visit Metelkova Mesto for some art work. Here, artworks from both local and international artists are found here. Embark on a guided tour to properly understand what everything about the exhibitions. The central market, national & University library, The Franciscan church of Annunciation, Ljubljana zoo and Preseren monument are other attractions in the capital city you must check out.

Piran Town


A large fraction of Slovenia is landlocked. However, there is a small section called Slovenian Istria. Piran town is part of Slovenian Istria that passes across the Adriatic Sea. This town has a very beautiful coastline. There are also plenty of medieval walls, a harbor and a colorful main square you will see in this small coastal town. You will definitely enjoy every moment of your tour. Above all; Piran town has an interesting history. It was once under the French, Austrian, Yugoslavia and the Italian rule. Piran town became part of Slovenia in the year 1991. This is the reason buildings and structures in this town have different architectural styles.

Commence your journey on this coastal town by checking out Tartini square. This square has some Italian influence. There are plenty of colorful buildings on the three sides of the square. The forth side directs you to the beautiful harbor. Move on to the church of St George. The church of St George mimics St Mark’s cathedral. It also offers a perfect view of the Piran coast. Carry on to the bell tower. Your tour in Piran town is incomplete if you don’t climb the bell tower. The bell tower offers a fantastic aerial view of Italy, Piran town, Croatia and the rest of Slovenian Istria. You will notice that this bell tower has a Venetian architectural structure.

As stated earlier, Piran town has a very rich history. Create some time and stroll around the medieval walls. These walls date as back as the 15th century. The medieval walls were built to protect this town from Turkish invasion. You should also take a stroll on the old part of the town. This gives you a rough idea of how people lived in the ancient days. There are also plenty of colorful houses and cobble stoned lanes. The old part of the town also leads to the beach. You should also try out some seafood before leaving Piran town.

Bovec Town

bovec town1 (1)

Ensure you visit Bovec town while in Slovenia. Bovec town is located in Soca valley. Soca valley is one of the places that nature remains intact. Bovec town is situated between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps. Therefore, nature lovers will enjoy every single step of their journey. Here, you will see clear rivers, deep caves, waterfalls and mountains. There are also plenty of adventures and things to do in Bovec town. Rafting is one of the fun activities held in Bovec town. Therefore, ensure you go rafting while in Bovec town. Rafting also allows you to see Bovec town in a remarkable way.

You should also go on cliff jumping on Soca gorge. Soca gorge is part of the Triglav national park. Climbing Soca gorge will lead you to Soca River. You will be amazed by the beauty of the surrounding region while cliff jumping towards River Soca. Boka waterfall is a famous spot in Bovec town. It is a must visit place before departing this marvelous town. Boka waterfall offers a perfect background for taking pictures. There are two trails leading to this powerful waterfall.

The Fratarica canyon is another gem in Bovec town. This canyon is known for its mystery and challenging adventures. Zip lining is another activity in Bovec town you should try out. Above all; have some picnic with your loved ones at the Bovec beach.

Lake Bled

lake-bled- (1)

This lake will make you feel like a paradise. Lake Bled and its environs have plenty to offer. This ranges from the castle, hiking trails, swimming spots, natural environment and beautiful landscapes. Start your tour by touring Bled Island. This is one of the main attractions in Lake Bled. This Island can be reached through a rowboat or Plenta. You will hear the wishing bell ring as you approach the Island. Create time and ring the bell. There is a myth that anyone who rings the bell will have his/her desires come true.

Lake Bled has one of the most beautiful environment and landscape. Therefore, take a stroll on the surrounding environment. Lake Bled offers a perfect background for taking pictures. The famous Bled castle can be seen from a distance. The Lake Bled castle should be your next destination. This castle is believed to be more than 1000 years old. The Lake Bled castle stands on top of a cliff. Its location offers a perfect view of Lake Bled. There is also a museum in the oldest castle in this country. Tour the museum, before heading to the wine cellar in the castle. There is also a restaurant you can have dinner.

You also have an option of going hiking to Mala Osojnica while at Lake Bled. This is a simple and quick hike. You will have a perfect view of Lake Bled. Paddle boarding is a common water activity here. Therefore, try paddle boarding while standing up. Don’t leave Lake Bled without tasting Bled cream cake.

Postojna Cave

Postojna-Cave- (1)

Postojna cave attracts thousands of people all year round. It is currently the most visited cave in Slovenia. This cave is designed in a way you will create memorable memories. There is a train rail that takes you deep in Postojna cave. This railway line has been operating for over 140 years. You must board the train to reach deep in the cave. The rail directs you through the beautiful Karst corridors, halls and galleries. Tour guides are provided on the train ride. This offers a perfect opportunity to learn different things about Postojna cave. You will understand about the skyscraper, the Postojna cave white symbol, the underground post office and the human fish.

You will enjoy every moment of your tour in this cave if you happen to visit the Karst corridors during the Christmas festive. The halls come to life during the festive period. You will also see over 500 performers around the halls. Don’t leave Postojna cave without checking the human fish. They are the only underground vertebrae animals in Europe. The tour guides will help understand different aspects about the human fish. You might also get lucky and witness the birth of the human fish.

Move on to Predjama castle, located within the vicinity of the cave. It is also the biggest cave castle around the globe. Predjama castle is estimated to be more than 800 years. Anyone who visits the castle will be amazed by its beauty. Make an effort of attending the knight tournaments. Here, horsemen, swordsmen, archers and knights showcase their skills. They will give you a rough idea of how the ancient life was like.

Ptuj Town

stuj (1)

Ptuj is the oldest city in Slovenia. Cobbled streets and castles remind people of how life was in the ancient days. Infrastructure has also been enhanced around the city. This makes it easy for you to tour around the city and check out all the gems. You should also make an effort of trying out some local wine. Make Ptuj castle your first stop. Ptuj castle has been standing tall since 70 AD. Here, you will get the privilege of seeing some ancient archaeological findings and historic art collections. You will have a marvelous view of Ptuj city from the castle grounds. Ensure you visit the Ptuj regional museum before leaving the castle. There is a wide range of exhibitions to check out. Tour around the museum is guided. You will be able to understand different details about each exhibition piece.

Visit the Mithra shrines while in Ptuj City. There are plenty of shrines distributed on different parts of Ptuj city. Some shrines can be traced back up to the 3rd century. Make an effort of attending the Kurent celebration while in Slovenia. This event takes part every February. Kurent event takes place for roughly ten days. You should also tour the old town center. Most part of the old town is still intact. You will definitely enjoy every moment in Ptuj city.

Vršič Pass

virsic pass (1)

Vrsic pass is a very popular road in Slovenia. It actually connects Primorska region to Gorenjska region. You will also understand the rich history of Vrsic pass. This road was built during the First World War and was built by the Russian prisoners during the war. Vrsic pass cuts through the Julian Alps. There is a viewing point along the road you can clearly view the Julian Alps. The Vrsic pass also offers a glamorous view of Mt Prisojnik. You will also be able to see a forest while driving through Vrsic pass. The designing of this pass will leave you amazed. Anyone who passes through this pass wants to visit it over and over again.

Predjama Castle

predjama castle1 (1)

Your trip to Slovenia will be incomplete if you leave out Predjama castle. This castle has an interesting history. You will understand how the owner was killed when you visit this site. Predjama castle was built during the 13th century. Its architectural design and look says it all. This castle is also built on top of a rocky cliff. That is the reason it was considered impenetrable over the years.

The guides here will narrate how a couple of people tried breaking into the castle in vain. It is rumored that there is secret tunnel in this castle. You can inquire about the secret tunnel when you visit Predjama castle. A lot of people wonder how comes the castle is still in perfect shape. It has been reconstructed and polished over the years. However, gothic façade and renaissance still remains intact. The surrounding environment also offers a perfect background for taking pictures.

Škocjan Caves

Cave-Skocjan (1)

Skocjan caves attract people from different parts of the globe. It is located in the heart of Kras Plateau. Here, you will be able to see underground river canyons. The underground river canyons in Skocjan caves are the largest in Slovenia and the world at large. You will also be able to see River Reka while at this location. You will also be amazed how the underground river canyons disappear all of a sudden. The channels inside the caves are dazzling. They bring out waterfalls and rapids.

The Skocjan caves also have plenty of underground chambers and halls. Each room brings out a different look. A section of the cave also houses some endangered species. You will also hear about the archeological studies that showcase human settlement can be traced here during the prehistoric times. You will also understand how this site was once used as a burial site.

Vipava Valley

vipuva valley (1)

Vipava valley is located on the western side of Slovenia. The uniqueness and the beauty of this valley make it an amazing site to visit. Commence your journey by checking out the amazing views. The Razdrto pass is the best location to admire the valley. You will be able to see the beautiful landscapes on Vipava valley. Vineyards, orchards, Trnovo plateau and Nanos slopes are other attractions you will see from the viewing point. Vipava valley is considered the windiest location in Slovenia. This is the best location to experience the bora wind.

Ensure you try out some local cuisines while in Vipava valley. There are plenty of restaurants you can try out some local delicacies. Be open-minded when trying out different meals. This is the secret towards enjoying the local meals. Slovenia is known for offering delicious meals. Slovenia and specifically Vipava valley is renowned for wine making. Therefore, visit the wine tasting locals and try out some locally produced wine.

You must check out Otlisko Okno or the natural window while at Vipava valley. This spot suits those who desire some hiking adventure. Ensure you take some photographs when at Otlisko Okno. Ajdovscina town is the largest town in the valley. This town reminds people of the Roman times in Slovenia. Ensure you visit Veno Pilon gallery and the Roman spas. Don’t leave Vipava valley without checking out the 17th century Lanthieri Manor house.

Dolenjske Toplice Spa

dolenjske spa

Dolenjske Toplice spa is the oldest spa in Europe. This spa was dominant and famous during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Visit this spa for various wellness and health services. This beautiful spa has adopted all the medicinal characteristics that were adopted on thermal water during the 17th century. You will also be able to enjoy the hilly landscape, forests, rivers and castles when you visit Dolenjske Toplice Spa. The thermal spa at Dolenjske Toplice Spa is relaxing. It also offers medical rehabilitation to some rheumatic conditions, back pain, osteoporosis and pain in the spine. Above all; Dolenjske Toplice Spa is situated in a serene environment that makes you forget the busy city life and stress revolving around your life.

Kurentovanje Carnival

Kurentanjo carnival (1)

Ensure you attend the Kurentovanje carnival experience while in Slovenia. The carnival experience in Kurentovanje attracts plenty of people all year round. Here, you will have a taste of come local culture. That is the dance, music, local meals, dress code and above all some quality local wine. You should also take some time to yourself and check out the old town of Ptuj. This can be before or after the carnival experience. Kurentovanje carnival brings to life Ptuj. The old town looks colorful. The streets will be lit at night with people moving around with masks. Attending the Kurentovanje carnival will help you create memories.

Garden Village Bled Resort

garden village bled resort (1)

Garden village Bled is a very unique location in Slovenia. You will be able to see a restaurant next to a river stream. Nature lovers will enjoy every single moment at Garden village Bled. There is also a beach that is situated beneath pools and trees. Accommodation is also offered in Garden village. You will come across tree houses that have a hot tub and an apartment. This location also allows you to properly admire Bled Lake. There is a special pool that offers some relaxing experience. Garden village Bled is also located away from the busy city life. This gives you ample time to reflect on a couple of things. You can also interact and socialize with some people from different parts of the globe.

There are also plenty of fun activities you can engage in while at Garden village Bled. These activities are rafting and kayaking on rivers. Hiking is another activity you can engage in while at this marvelous spot.

Don’t look any further. Slovenia definitely has something for everyone. These are a few of the things to do and places to visit. You will have an amazing time in Slovenia.


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