Amazing Attractions to Visit in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina has been underrated for numerous years. It is located in Europe and is neighbored by Montenegro and Croatia. Tourists started flooding in Bosnia & Herzegovina, when advertisements about fabulous places to visit in this country, were made public. There are exceptional landscapes, monuments, and diverse culture. Above all; Bosnia & Herzegovina history is fascinating. There are good reasons you should take a tour of this European country.



Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Your vacation in Bosnia & Herzegovina is incomplete if you don’t check out Sarajevo. Sarajevo boosts the numerous tourist spots here. They range from natural sceneries, historical sites, and manmade structures. There are also different means of transport you can use to tour this historic city in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Some sites can be traced a couple of centuries back. There is a synagogue, the mosque, the famous Orthodox cathedral, and the Catholic Church.

Sarajevo was written in the history book because this is where the First World War started. There are remnants structures and monuments of the First World War are spread throughout the city. Sarajevo also offers a perfect view of the sunset. There are numerous spots you can relax with your loved ones as the sunsets. You can also see the surrounding mountains and the valley as the sun sets in the evening.

Stari Most Bridge


Stari Most Bridge is nicknamed as the bridge that fell and resurrected. A visit to Stari Most Bridge gives you a glimpse of what transpired during the Bosnian war. A lot of structures were destroyed including Stari Most. This Bridge was an iconic structure of the Bosnia government. Stari Most is located on top of River Neretva. It gives you a perfect view of River Neretva and the surrounding environment.

Stari Most Bridge was erected between the 15th and 16th centuries. After its destruction, it was rebuilt using a section of the original stones. A person can see the Stari Most Bridge from a distance. This bridge brings out a glamorous look when admired from a distance. The original design of this bridge is still maintained.

Pliva Waterfall


Pliva Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is located in Jajce. This waterfall is over 22 meters long and 50 meters wide. These descriptions allow you to view this natural scenery from a distance. Pliva waterfall is also surrounded by green natural scenery. Its undeniable beauty has made it be listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

Pliva waterfall connects with River Pliva. This waterfall is believed to have been formed more than 50, 000 million years ago. You can visit this UNESCO listed heritage site either during the day or at night. Lighting has been erected around the Pliva waterfall. This offers a perfect view of the Pliva Waterfall. There are different viewing spots around the Pliva Waterfall. You can view the Pliva waterfall from the top or bottom. People can also do fishing in River Pliva.



Trebinje is a quiet city located in the South of the country. This city contains a rich history as it can be traced back to the 18th century. Trebinje city is erected on the banks of River Trebinje. This old city offers a perfect view of River Trebinje. You will also see some old treading mills throughout the old city. These treading mills are not functional. They give people a glimpse of the past life.

Trebinje also hosts the famous Arslanagic Bridge. This bridge reminds people of the Ottoman regime. You will also see Klobuk, the largest ancient fortress in this region. It was built in the 9th century. Klobuk fortress also offers you the opportunity of seeing the ancient architectural design.

Kravica Waterfall


Anyone who visits Kravica waterfall will be amazed by its beautiful scenery. People travel from all over Bosnia & Herzegovina and the globe at large to see this natural tourist site. There are numerous activities you can engage in while at Kravica waterfall. These activities range from swimming, camping, picnics. You can also admire the natural scenery around this waterfall. The beautiful scenery remains intact throughout the year because the government restricts human activities around this region.

Kravica waterfall connects to River Trebizat. There are different kinds of activities you can engage yourself in while at this river. Kravica waterfall has both a top and bottom section. Therefore, this waterfall offers different viewing point. Take advantage of these viewing points to properly view the Kravica waterfall.

Počitelj Village

Pocitelj village

Pocitelj village is famous for its natural scenery and unique architectural complexion. Here, you will find both ancient and modern structures. Pocitelji village is also located in a hill. It is situated next to the banks of River Neretva. The location of this village gives you a perfect view of River Neretva. There are also numerous spots you can use to see the beautiful sunset.

In History, Pocitelj village can be traced back as 1383. There are a couple of ancient structures in Pocitelj village you can come across. The fort of Pocitelj is one of the ancient monuments you will come across in this old village. There are also monuments and this village that reminds people of what transpired during the Bosnian war. That’s not all; visit this ancient village to have a glimpse of the local inhabitants’ culture. This ranges from their diet, art culture and their way of life. Visit Pocitelj village and create a memorable moment in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Mount Bjelašnica

Bjelasnica mount 1

Visit Mount Bjelasnica if you want adventure. There are different types of routes you can use to access this mountain. This mountain offers a wide range of fun activities to engage in. Hiking is one of the activities you can engage yourself in during summer. There are different types of hiking challenges you can choose, depending on your hiking experience. Some spots offer a perfect view of this mountain. Therefore, take advantage of these viewing points and get to see the beautiful scenery of this mountain. Consider motorcycling and mountain biking during winter.

These are some fabulous spots in Bosnia & Herzegovina you must check. You will definitely have fun in this country.


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