You Should Visit These Cities and Towns in the Czech Republic

In Czech towns and villages, you’ll find a simple joy of life. The magic of Prague, the beauty of Český Krumlov, and the lyrical quality of the countryside relieve the heaviness caused by the turmoil that passed through here. The Czech Republic is one of the leading tourist destination spots in Europe. It offers more than its traditional European culture. Despite being a landlocked country, the Czech Republic offers a wide range of options to choose from. The old architecture will amaze you. You will be surprised by the different architectural designs that can be traced back to another century.

The Czech Republic has an amazing history. This country was owned by different nations during both World War one and two. Each nation came up with its own architectural design. This is the reason buildings across the Czech Republic have different designs. Additionally, this country has amazing cities and towns. People travel across the globe to see these places and have some fun.



Prague is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The unique architectural designs can be seen throughout this city. Prague is also the capital city of the Czech Republic. This city offers a blend of theatre, music, art, and dance. These aspects make it considered the city of romance. There are numerous tourist sites you can visit while in Prague. Some of these sites are natural, whereas others are manmade. Structures in this city were not destroyed during both World wars. Some old structures still remain intact. Prague castle, old town square, and Charles Bridge are some of the old structures in Prague. This is the top reason why you should travel to the Czech Republic.

A section of Prague has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage and cultural site. Walkthrough the street paths in Prague admiring the culture of the local people. You will also have the privilege of admiring the natural scenery. There are lots of viewing points you can use to admire the capital city of the Czech Republic.

Český Krumlov

esky krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is another famous town in the Czech Republic. Anyone who visits this town falls in everything they see. This ranges from the architectural structure of the buildings, the streets and the surrounding environment. The beauty of this town is irresistible. This is the reason it was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Move around and check out the castle erected on top of River Vltava.

Cesky Krumlov is well preserved because it wasn’t damaged in any world wars. This is a very small town. Its great infrastructure makes it easy to move around this town. Make sure you go for a boat riding adventure while in Cesky Krumlov. Use viewing spots to grab a glimpse of this town.

Karlovy Vary


Karlovy Vary is located in the west of the Czech Republic. This town is renowned for housing a famous spa resort. Numerous celebrities and individuals travel across the globe to have a pleasant and relaxing moment in this town. Karlovy Vary also houses a film festival. This festival is held annually. Attend this film industry and have a glimpse of the culture of the local people. The famous spa was designed in the 14th century. Don’t forget to check out the unique architectural structures throughout the town.

Karlovy Vary was once ranked among towns with breathtaking architectural designs. There are also landmarks and spots you should visit while in Karlovy Vary. These sites are Mill Colonnade, Castle colonnade, Market Colonnade, and the Park Colonnade.



Trebon possesses a rich history and top tourist sites despite its size. It is one of the most visited towns in the Czech Republic. Additionally, the atmosphere throughout Trebon is friendly to tourists. People who love taking pictures will actually love this town. You can take pictures on historical sites, natural sceneries, and manmade structures, among others. Start off your tour by taking leisure walks in this town. This gives you direct access to the beautiful scenery this town offers. You can also explore the traditional fishing industry. This industry has been flourishing for years. Visiting the ponds helps you understand how fish are caught, preserved and prepared.

A trip to Trebon will be incomplete if you don’t attend any local festival or cultural function. This town with a rich history also contains some ancient structures, which are easy to access. These sites are Trebon Square, the Augustian monastery, Trebon castle, The Virgin Mary Church, St Gilles church and the golden canal, among others. There is definitely something for everyone in Trebon.



Olomouc is a city located in the eastern Czech Republic. This city is located on River Morava. It gained popularity for being both a historic and metropolis city. Olomouc is considered the sixth-largest city in the Czech Republic. There are also numerous activities you can engage yourself while in Olomouc. The same statement applies to tourist spots to visit. Olomouc houses the Holy trinity column, a UNESCO world heritage site. This is one of the most valued monuments in this part of Eastern Czech Republic. Olomouc has something for everyone. This city has a unique culture and history. You can visit Olomouc zoo, the ancient holy trinity column; the church of Saint Maurice and Saint Wenceslas cathedral.



Telc in Vysocina Region of the Czech Republic must be on your must-visit places. This small town has a lot to offer to tourists. First, it is listed among the beautiful towns in the Czech Republic. Additionally, there are a lot of tourist spots to visit. Telc is also renowned for its unique preserved architecture. This trend has been upheld for years. Telc boosts the historic center. This tourist spot was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in the year 1992.

Visit the historic center in Telc to properly understand the history of the Czech Republic. Don’t leave Telc without visiting Telc Chateau. This castle was built during the 14th century. You should also check out Zacharias of Hradec square.

Valtice-Lednice Cultural Landscape


Valtice Lednice cultural landscape was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in the year 1996. This cultural landscape is located in Lednice in the Czech Republic. There are plenty of monuments located in this cultural landscape. Above all; this is one of the largest landscapes in Europe. Valtice Lednice cultural landscape was built in the 13th century. Its architectural design and looks prove it doesn’t belong to this era. Other monuments housed in this cultural landscape were built between the 17th and 20th centuries.

Anyone who visits this landmark will notice the monuments present different architectural designs. This is what attracts people to this cultural landscape. Here, you will see Lednice chateau, Valtice chateau, and Rajstana Collonade. Enjoy the beautiful and natural scenery while touring around Valtice-Lednice cultural landscape.

Karlštejn Castle


Karlstejn castle acts as a historic landmark among the people of the Czech Republic. There are numerous castles and Fortresses in the Czech Republic. Karlstejn Castle is unique as it was built by a Czech King, Emperor Charles IV. Its sole purpose was to store crown jewels, holy relics, and the royal treasures. The general look of the Karlstejn castle presents a unique layout. It has maintained a glamorous look despite being built in the year 1348. The interior and exterior design of this castle is also impressive. The green natural scenery brings out a spectacular look. Karlstejn is built on top of a hill. Therefore, it can be spotted from a distance.

Kutná Hora


Kutna Hora city is located in Central Bohemia in the Czech Republic. It was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site because of the numerous tourist sites it houses. Kutna Hora tourist and mining activities helped the Czech Republic grow. This city in central Bohemia started around the 12th century. Some structures have architectural designs that belong to the stated era. There are lots of viewing points you can use to admire this city. People who love nature will also have an amazing time in this city. There are lots of tourist attraction sites worth checking out. They are St Barbra church, Sedlec Ossuary, Italian court, and chocolate museum, among others. You will definitely have an amazing time in Kutna Hora.

There is no doubt the Czech Republic is one of the best countries in Europe worth touring. Here, you can visit any city and find marvelous tourist attraction sites. Visit the Czech Republic on your next vacation.


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