Top-rated Sights to Visit in Denmark

Denmark is a beautiful land whose aquatic spirit is felt throughout its intricate geography. Nevermore than 50km from the sea, the water penetrates the heart of its capital city and splits the nation into a series of over 400 islands. It is a colorful and cultural place.

Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries. It is small in size but has a lot to offer. People travel all over the world to admire the amazing landscapes in this country. In fact, some famous movies have been cast in Denmark, because of the beautiful sceneries. Well; Denmark has more to offer. It is has a natural beautiful scenery, unique architectural designs, historical sites, and castles. The blend of ancient and modern look brings out a glamorous look.



Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. It is also the largest city in the Scandinavian country. It automatically houses a lot of attractive sights. Copenhagen is renowned for its ancient Vikings. There is some visible and tangible evidence, the Viking community once settled here. You will see a reconstructed Viking village replica in the capital city. Copenhagen also has remains of a castle that is over 1,000 years old. There is also a museum which tries to explain what transpired here centuries ago.

The blend of historical artifacts and modern structures bring out a unique look. There are 17th-century structures, streets, art galleries, and churches. Copenhagen should be your number one tourist spot because most attractive sights are a few distances apart from each other. Copenhagen also gives you a wide range of options to choose from. Kronborg Castle, Amalienborg Palace, National Aquarium Denmark, and the national museum are some attractive sights you can check out in Copenhagen.

Bornholm Island

bornholm island

Bornholm Island is actually the sunniest place in Denmark. A lot of people visit this sunny island from Copenhagen. Bornholm Island can be accessed through air, ferry or by road. Bornholm is located in the Baltic Sea. First, this Island offers a perfect view of the sunset in the evening. Bornholm Island also contains a couple of medieval fortresses and the natural forests. There is also a wide range of local delicacies worth trying out. Hammershus fortress should be your number one attraction site you visit. This is the largest fortress ruin in Northern Europe. Hammershus fortress was built in the 12th century.

You should also check out Opal Lake in Bornholm Island. This lake has managed to maintain its pretty look. You can engage in some zip-lining action across this lake. A visit to this sunny Island is incomplete until you check out the rocking stone. This is one of the largest rocks you will probably see in your entire life. There are also other tourist attraction sites you can check out.



Billund is a very unique city in Denmark. You can reach this location either by road or by air. The amusement park is one of the reasons people flood this city. There is a park is developed bearing lego toy company concept. The Legoland theme park is mostly designed for children and teenagers. However, anyone can fun in this lego theme park. Make an effort of visiting Kongernes jelling while in Billund. This is part of the Danish National Museum. Kongens jelling is listed as a UNESCO heritage site because it houses a Viking monument that was crafted by King Harald in the 10th century.

Givskud zoo should be your next tourist destination if you love nature. Here, you will have the privilege of checking out a couple of African species. These species are Zebras, rhinos, lions, antelopes, and giraffes. Givskud is the largest zoo in Northern Europe. You should also check out the Vandel Bunker Museum while in Billund. This museum acts as a memory of the war that occurred in this region.

Roskilde Festival

ZBC/ Fotograf Andreas Houmann
Are you touring Denmark, anytime soon? If yes, make an effort of attending the Roskilde festival. This is the largest event in Northern Europe. Roskilde Festival will create lifetime memories. First, you will get the chance to interact will different kinds of people, both local and international. This event mostly takes four days and is held annually. During the four days, there will be different music playing. This music cuts across different genre. Therefore, you will definitely hear a couple of your favorite songs.

There are also different kinds of fun activities you will engage yourself in during the Roskilde festival. There are also different kinds of meals you can try out during the four days if you will at this festival. You don’t have to worry about going home every night. There is a camping area you can be resting whenever you feel exhausted. You might be privileged to hear over 200 bands performing and a few solo artists.

Ærø (Aeroe Island)

Aero island

This beautiful Island is located in Southern Denmark. People travel all over Denmark and the globe at large, just to create memories. Aeroe Island grants you the privilege to admire the famous Baltic Sea. There are also numerous spots on this Island you can use to admire the sunset with your loved ones. Aeroe Island offers a wide range of fun activities to engage in. You can either sail on a boat, swimming or even hiking.

There are also a couple of unique beach huts you can check out when in Aeroe Island. These huts can only be found in Aeroe Island. There are also a couple of old houses which were built in another era. Make an effort to visiting Aeroeskoebing. This is a fairy tale town that offers a lot of fun activities. You can access Aeroe Island using different routes. Choose the most ideal one.

Kronborg Slot Castle

kronborg slot castle

Kronborg Slot castle is one of the famous castles in Denmark and the world at large. It gained popularity from Shakespeare’s famous Hamlet. Additionally, Kronborg slot castle also has a rich history. It was equipped with casemate and bastions to protect Denmark from enemies. Kronborg slot castle was also the residence of the royal family up to the end of the 1600s. Ensure you take a tour around this renowned castle. Its architectural design is amazing. This applies to both the interior and outside of this ancient fortress. The interior rooms have been designed with ancient decorations. The ballroom and the Ogier statue are the main attractions in the castle.

Its beauty, rich history, and the local myths helped Kronborg Slot castle get listed among the UNESCO heritage sites. Try and visit Kronborg Slot castle during summer if you want to get a piece of Shakespeare’s Hamlet drama.

Skagen Town

Skagen 1

Skagen town attracts tourists from all over the world. The sun shines for more hours when compared to other regions in Denmark. This creates a unique light that brings out a marvelous look at all yellow structures in Skagen town. The long sunny hours means you can stay on the beaches for long hours as opposed to other towns and cities in Denmark. Skagen town has a lot of marvelous tourist sites worth checking out. These sites will make you visit this site again and again.

Skagen town houses an array of museums. Therefore, it’s up to you to choose the museums to visit. It can be Skagen museum, Eagle world or Skagen Bamsemuseum. These museums house different materials and content. They also equip you with different information. A trip to Skagen town will be incomplete if you don’t visit Grenen. This is where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet.

Moesgaard Museum

Moesguard museum

Moesgaard Museum is located in Aarhus, Denmark. It is one of the modern museums. Its strategic location attracts people. Moesgaard Museum is set up on top of a hilly landscape. The bright colors used on this museum make it visible from a distance. This museum offers a perfect venue for barbecues, picnics, and gatherings during the Midsummer Day event.

Top-notch architectural designs and technology have been used when designing this museum. All objects inside the museum are protected from direct sun. You will also feel comfortable inside the museum. This will encourage you to complete your trip throughout the museum.

The museum shop offers a perfect view of Aarhus Bay. The interior design of the Moesgaard museum will leave you amazed. Its interior design was inspired by archaeological excavations. Everything displayed on this museum is either new or has been reconstructed. There are also perfect spots you can take pictures for future reference.

Ribe Town

Ribe town

Ribe town attracts tourists throughout the year as it is the oldest town in Denmark. This old town with a rich history and tons of tourist attraction sites is situated near the Wadden Sea. Ribe town also houses different arts and culture. This is the reason Ribe town should be included on the must-visit sites in Denmark. The history of this town can be dated 1300 years ago. The combination of ancient and modern architectural structures, make this town unique.

Start off your tour by visiting Wadden Sea national park. This natural park offers entertainment in both land and sea. There are also numerous fun activities you can engage yourself in this national park. It can be cycling or hiking. These are some of the fun activities you can engage yourself in while in Ribe town.

Viking Ship Museum

viking ship museum1

Denmark is believed to be one of the homes for the Viking community. This is because of the evidence that has been discovered over the years. Viking ship museum is located in Roskilde. It helps you understand how the Viking community lived in Denmark. This museum contains five real Viking vessels that were used in the 11th century.

You will have an easy time touring the Viking ship museum because it is divided into two sections. One section handles the various archaeological tasks. The second section preserves the Viking ships. Tours on this museum are guided. Therefore, you can ask any relevant question you might have regarding the Viking era. You will also experience some culture and tradition of the Viking people.

Designmuseum Danmark

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Design Museum Danmark was constructed in 1890 and later opened to the public a few years later. This is one of the few Museums that showcase the exemplary art and craftsmanship of this country. Some objects are new, whereas others are very old. Here, objects are divided into sections and subjects such as textile, porcelain, glass, silver, and faience, among others.

Design Museum Danmark also has the theoretical part of these collections. There are a couple of books which will help you understand the art of Denmark. All tours have a tour guide. This makes it grasp knowledge about a particular object. The number of objects inside this museum is swiftly increasing. Frequently visit Design Museum Danmark for any new collection.

Dueodde Beach

dueodde beach

Dueodde beach is located in Bornholm. This is actually one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. There are expansive dunes and flourishing pine trees. Furthermore, the sand is so fine and soft. In fact, this sand was being used in Hourglasses. There are different types of activities you can engage yourself in while at this beach. You either swim or have picnics with your loved ones. The water on this beach is gentle. This makes it friendly for young ones.

Dueodde Beach also offers a perfect view of the Sea and the natural scenery. You can also view the sunset in the evening after having an amazing time on this beach. There are also some eateries around this beach.



Aarhus is the second-largest city after Copenhagen. This city is gaining popularity in terms of attractive sites. As a result, tourists are pouring in from Denmark and other parts of the world. Aarhus contains lots of attractive architecture structures, art galleries, and restaurants. Aarhus houses four major tourist attraction sites. These sites are Tivoli Friheden, Den Gamle By, Marseliborg Palace, and the Aros Aarhus Art Museum. Aarhus also has a rich history. There are also some spots you can visit that have not been listed in Aarhus. Anyone who visits this city will fall in love with it. There is something for everyone.

It is evident Denmark houses tons of tourist attraction sites. This is the reason it should be your next destination.


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