Attractive Places to Visit in Estonia

Estonia is a country located in Northern Europe. It is one of the underrated gems in Europe. Estonia borders the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. Apart from being an affordable destination for vacation, it has a couple of marvelous spots. This country has more than 1,500 islands, lakes, beaches, old forests, national parks, castles, and breathtaking terrains. That’s not all; this country has a diverse culture that can be traced a couple of centuries back. Estonia also has an interesting history. A section of the land was part of the Soviet Union. Don’t forget the museums, old towns, and modern cities.



Tallinn is the most popular place in Estonia you must visit. It is the capital city of Estonia. This city is the hub of different architectural designs. You will be astonished by the different buildings as you transverse this beautiful city. Make Toompea hills your first tourist destination. This hill is located in the heart of Estonia. This hill is located in a strategic location that allows you to view a section of the city. Toompea hills are also surrounded by buildings with architectural designs from the 15th century. These hills are also easily accessible.

Don’t leave Tallinn without checking the Tallinn historic center. It was one of the tourist spots that have been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. This spot also helps you understand different history about the people of Estonia. Make an effort of checking out Lenusadan Seaplane harbor. This is the biggest maritime museum in Estonia and Europe at large. It has been around for over 100years. It offers a perfect platform to understand the history of Seaplane. There are other top tourist destination spots in Tallinn not mentioned here. Check them out.

Lahemaa National Park

-Lahemaa national park

Do you love Mother Nature? If yes, make Lahemma national park your number one tourist spot once you reach Estonia. Lahemaa national park is located in the northern coast of Estonia. A visit to this natural spot gives you the privilege of seeing different natural landscapes. Apart from admiring the beautiful nature of this national park, there are a couple of hiking adventures you can engage yourself in. You will also see the cliff and pine forests. Being in a coastal region, Lahemaa national park has a couple of sandy and stony seashores.

Ensure you check out a couple of large mammals. These mammals range from foxes, bears, moose, and boars, among others. You will also be privileged to check out a couple of rivers which cut across different cliffs. Lahemaa is the largest national park in Estonia. It houses a couple of marvelous spots worth checking out. It can be Viinistu Art Museum, Sagadi Manor Museum or Kolga Museum, among others.



Tartu is the second-largest city in Estonia. It attracts thousands of tourists each year. This city houses a couple of marvelous things to do or view. In short, Tartu city has something for everyone. You will definitely create memorable memories when you visit this city. Start your tour by checking out AHHAA science center. This is the largest science center in Estonia. This center promotes science. It helps people understand how it makes their lives simpler. AHHAA science center houses numerous exhibitions.

Don’t leave Tartu city without checking out the old town. The old town brings out an ancient architectural design. There are also museums which help you understand the history of this city and Estonia at large. The kissing students’ fountain is another spot you must check out. This statue is a symbol of love in Tartu city. Take advantage of this beautiful statue and take some pictures. You can also check out Tartu toy city.

Saaremaa Island


Saaremaa Island is the largest island in Estonia. Its rich history and natural scenery attract people throughout the year. Above all, Saaremaa Island houses top sights in Estonia worth checking out. There are a couple of travel options you can choose when traveling to this Island. Start off your tour on this island by checking out some impressive historic sites. These sites give people a glimpse of what transpired at a particular period. Kuressaare castle is one of the historic sites you can tour while in Saaeema Island. This castle can be traced back up to the early 1200s.

You should also check out the Saaremaa Museum. This museum is located inside the Kuressaare premise. Saaremaa museum was built in the year 1865. Sorve lighthouse is another structure you should check out while in Saaremaa Island. This lighthouse gives you a perfect view of the sunset. Your trip to Saaremaa Island will be incomplete if you don’t check out Angla windmill hill. This is one of the Dutch styles windmills remaining in this region.

Muhu Island


This is the third-largest island in Estonia. It has a lot of marvelous spots worth checking out. The unique architectural designs, beautiful coast and natural landscapes make Muhu Island one of the leading tourist destinations in Estonia worth touring. You can access Muhu Island via Saaremaa Island. Muhu museum should be the first site you check out on this Island. This museum gives you a glimpse of the traditions and culture of the Estonian people. You should also check out the exhibitions in this museum.

St Catherine church Muhu should be your next destination. This church was built during the 13th century, thus it has a unique architectural design. It was built like a monument. You will also be privileged to see some original paintings from the 13th century. Anyone who loves nature should visit Muhu Island before leaving Estonia. This Island has some beautiful scenery and natural landscapes. There are also numerous spots you can use to check the sunset in the evening.



Parnu is a small city in Estonia. People consider it a leading tourist attraction site for numerous reasons. Its colorful architectural designs will make you fall in love with this city. Some buildings can be traced back to 1700. Red tower, St Catherine church and St Elizabeth church as some top sites you should check out while in this city. Go to the Parnu beaches for some fun activities. The white sand shores offer a lot of fun activities. It can be swimming or picnic, among others.

Parnu also houses the Soomaa national park. This is one of the most beautiful national parks in Estonia. It can only be accessed by boat. Don’t leave this city without checking out St Elizabeth church. This church is visible from most part of Parnu. It was built in the year 1747. The interior and exterior architectural design will leave you amazed. You should also check out the Parnu Museum to properly understand the history of this city.



Otepaa is a small town located in Southern Estonia. This town is surrounded by valleys and hills. It offers fun activities both during summer and winter. You can engage in snowboarding, skating, and skiing during winter. The Otepaa nature park offers hiking adventure during summer. Take time and check out the beautiful landscape that surrounds this town. Otepaa also houses the biggest lake in Estonia. Puhajarve Lake offers a lot of fun activities. There are also top class resorts and restaurants that make your stay in Otepaa comfortable.


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