8 Extraordinary Places That You Should Visit in Georgia

Georgia is a country that intercepts both Europe and Asia. However, a large fraction of the country covers Europe. Georgia has a rich history, bearing in mind it was once part of the Soviet Union. Its beautiful mountain sceneries across the country will definitely leave you amazed. People travel from all over the globe to admire the unique mountain sceneries in Georgia. The black sea beaches also attract people to this peaceful country. Well; Georgia has more to offer than its mountain sceneries and black sea beaches.



Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia. This city has something for everyone. Anyone who visits this city will notice the blend of the old and modern architectural designs throughout the city. This brings out a very unique mood and general look. Tbilisi also has a rich history worth understanding. This city has been destroyed on numerous occasions by invasions before being restored a few times. There are some monuments that will give you a glimpse of what transpired during this invasion period.

Tbilisi city also has a rich history. People travel from all over the world to just experience the Georgian culture. Check out Narikala Fortress while in Tbilisi. This fortress can be traced back to the 4th century. Narikala Fortress is erected on a hill. This grants you a perfect view of a section of the city. You will also glance at the ancient architectural design of this site.

Kartlis Deda is another stunning site in Tbilisi. This is a statue of a woman holding a sword and wine. The sword acts as a warning symbol for enemies. Wine represents those who visit Georgia in good faith. This statue is visible from a distance. Metekhi church should be on your list when you reach Tbilisi. This church was built during the 5th century and houses the statue of the first ruler of this city. Make an effort of checking out the peace bridge, Rike Park, clock tower and Tsminda Sameba cathedral while in the capital city of Georgia.

Svaneti (Historical Region)

svaneti 1

Svaneti region in Georgia was listed as a UNESCO heritage region. This is because of the culture and traditions that have been preserved for more than a thousand years. Svaneti region is secluded from other regions. However, Svaneti is a marvelous place you should check out. You should visit this region as soon as possible before modernization takes over this region.

Svaneti region has one of the most beautiful mountains in Georgia and Europe at large. Take a tour to this region and admire the beautiful mountain scenery. The medieval stone watchtowers should be your next stop. These tours were built during the 12th century. They were used to check out ancient enemies. Take advantage of these tours to glimpse at the surrounding region. A tour in this region is incomplete without listening to one of the oldest polyphonic vocals. There are also plenty of delicious meals you can enjoy in the Svaneti region.

Vardzia monastery

vardzia monastery

This monastery makes you feel like you are in the lord of the rings movie. Vardzia monastery comprises numerous underground halls. These halls were dug out from rocks. This sanctuary was built in 1185. Vardzia monastery monument reminds people of the history of Georgia. It was erected to resist the powerful Mongol hordes. This was a devastating force in Europe. Therefore, kingdoms had to come up with unique strategies of resisting this powerful move.

Vardzia monastery is located on the sides of Erusheli Mountain. This monastery looks like a simple stone carving when admired from the outside. However, you will be surprised when you enter inside of this monastery. Vardzia monastery contains rough 6, 000 apartments and 13 levels. There is also a large church inside this monastery. The church has a tower bell. You will also see a throne room inside this monument. That’s not all; you will be captivated by the outside terraces when you visit Vardzia Monastery.

Stepantsminda Townlet

stepantsminda townlet

This is one of the most beautiful small towns in the world. Stephantsminda Townlet is surrounded by beautiful mountains and green vegetables. The beautiful sceneries of this Townlet are visible from a distance before you arrive at this small town. People who love nature will definitely enjoy every single moment in this beautiful town. Stepantsminda townlet also houses stunning places worth checking out.

Check out the great Medieval Gergeti Trinity church. This church was built during the 14th century. Medieval Gergeti Trinity church is located beneath Mount Kazbegi. This offers you a perfect view of the beautiful Stepantsminda Townlet. Medieval Gergeti trinity church also gives you a glimpse of the ancient architectural design. There are also fun activities you can engage yourself with while in Stepantsminda Townlet.

Davit Gareja Cave Monastery

Davit gareja

Davit Gareja monastery is located in the Kakheti region, Georgia. This is a unique monastery because living quarters, churches, cells and refectories have been carved on the slopes of Mount Gareja. Davit Garej cave monastery was first built during the 6th century. It has expanded since then. This monastery has been used as both a cultural and religious center. Davit Gareja cave monastery also acts as a historic site for the wars that took place in the 17th century. Visiting this site will help you understand a couple of things regarding this site. It once acted as a training ground during the Soviet war. This site was restored when Georgia gained independence.

You can also go hiking on Mount Gareja. There are different hiking adventures you can engage yourself with. Davit Gareja cave Monastery also offers a glamorous view of Azerbaijani border. Visit this stunning site and create memorable memories.


batumi 2

Batumi is considered a black Sea resort. People flock across the globe to this city for some fun activities. There are numerous top sites and activities you can engage yourself in this city. Batumi city doesn’t sleep. There are activities for both day and night. Start off your tour in Batumi by checking out the statue of Ali and Nino. This is a romantic landmark in this city. The two statues merge and then separate after every ten minutes so. This statue also offers a perfect background for taking pictures. You should also check out the Alphabetic tower while in Batumi. This is a skyscraper that highlights the uniqueness of the Georgian alphabets.

Boulevard is another site in Batumi that attracts numerous people. The foundation of Boulevard was laid down in the year 1884. There are plenty of cafes, viewing points and fun activities you can engage yourself in on this site. Conclude your tour on Piazza square. You will definitely have an amazing time in Batumi.

Tusheti (Historic Region)

Tusheti 1

Tusheti is located in Northeast of Georgia. This remote region is surrounded by the Caucaus Mountains. The road leading to this historical region passes through the Caucaus Mountains. Consider visiting this region during the summer if you want to have fun. You can participate in traditional festivals. People who love nature will have a spectacular time admiring the beautiful mountain region. There are different viewing points that allow you to admire this beautiful terrain. There are different hiking adventures you can engage yourself in. The most common hiking adventures are Lake Oreti, Dikto to Dartlo and from Parsma to Ghele. Take advantage of the Tusheti region terrain and take some memorable pictures.

Kakheti Region

Khaketi region

Kakheti is one of the leading tourist attraction sites in Georgia. It is located in eastern Georgia. Kakheti region is well known for its landscapes. Well; this region has more to offer than the beautiful landscapes. This is one reason you should tour this region whenever you visit Georgia. Visit different monasteries while in Kakheti region. There are different churches and monasteries in this region. Check Nekresi, the oldest church in this region. This church was built in the 4th century. It served numerous purposes such as a political, cultural and spiritual center.

Alaverdi cathedral church is another site you should check out. This is the second largest church in Georgia. It was built around the 11th century. You should also make a stopover in Telavi, the central city of this region. Here, there are numerous relaxing activities to choose from. There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Georgia really houses stunning places and attraction sites worth checking out. Therefore, make Georgia your next destination for your vacation.


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