Top 10 Charming Places in Northern Ireland

North Ireland features in numerous lists as a leading tourist attraction hub. Consider visiting this tourist hub if you are spending a few days in the United Kingdom. You will see some beautiful castles, valleys, cities and coastlines while at this country. There are some things you cannot ignore or skip while in Northern Ireland.

Giant’s Causeway


For years, visitors come from different parts of the globe to admire the beauty and mystery of Giant’s Causeway. This attraction site is located on one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe. The unique rocks were formed over a million years ago. They have managed to remain intact despite the different Atlantic storms. A stroll along the Giant’s Causeway feels like going back in time. There are plenty of steeping stones as you go climb upwards. The beauty of this attraction site in Northern Ireland is visible from a distance.

There are also different viewing sites you can admire this attraction site. Giant’s Causeway also offers a perfect view of the sunset. There is a section of the coastline you can have fun with your family members and friends. You can enjoy some picnic or swimming. People who love adventure should consider hiking. However, you must have the right hiking gears.

Lower Lough Erne Lake


Lower Lough Erne is one of the largest lakes in Fermanagh County and Geopark. Additionally, there are plenty of heritage and natural sites on the shores of this lake you should check out. Enniskillen Castle is one of the jewels you will come across while at Geopark. It is situated next to the River Erne. This castle is estimated to be roughly 600 years. Enniskillen castle has a significance history in Northern Ireland. You should also check out the two museums on this castle. They are Inniskillings Museum and Fermanagh Museum. Castle Archdale forest & Country Park cannot be left out while in Lower Lough Erne. You will learn the significance of this castle during the Second World War. There are also plenty of nature trails on this castle.

Devenish Island is an amazing monastic site. It dates back to the 6th century. Stroll throughout this monastic site and check out what remains of this site. Most of the remaining buildings were built between the 12th and 13th centuries. You will also hear how the Vikings raided this Island. Move on to Drummoney falls. This is one of easily accessible waterfalls in this Geopark. Drummoney falls can be admired from both the top and bottom. There are a couple of viewing points.

Don’t leave Lower Lough Erne without checking castle Caldwell forest Park. The ruins of this castle date back to 1612. There is also evidence of how this was a busy place. You should also check out Tully castle.

Mourne Wall

mourne wall 1

Mourne wall has been standing tall more than a century. Plenty of workers conjoined efforts to put heavy stones together thus building walls. Mourne wall is one of the top tourist spots because of its uniqueness. It took rough eighteen years for the entire wall to be completed. This wall also cuts across fifteen mountains. You will be amazed by how intact this wall is bearing in mind no mortar was used and it is a drystone. There are paths that give you a proper view of this wall. Take advantage of these paths to admire this wall that amazes everyone who checks it out. You will notice that some sections of Mourne Wall were built differently from others. The uniqueness of this wall attracts plenty of casts including the famous Games of throne.

Titanic Belfast

titanic_belfst_ (1)

Ensure you visit Titanic Belfast while in Northern Ireland. Titanic Belfast is a sixth floor building. It is easily accessible as it is located in Belfast center. The beauty and unique architectural design will make you make stop for a few seconds. This is one of the reasons a trip to Northern Ireland is incomplete if you don’t check out the Titanic Belfast building. There are nine different galleries inside this building. These nine galleries try and narrate the story of the RMS Titanic that occurred in 1900’s.

This applies to how it was constructed, its launch, its famous voyage and its tragic end. The galleries are well detailed and self explanatory. They have a wide range of features. The galleries also explain where the pieces of this titanic are now situated. Three new galleries have been added inside the Titanic Belfast. They try and elaborate the day this famous ship was launched. Anyone who visits this building will hear the ocean waves and the sound of ships engine. This gives a person a proper insight of what transpired. Tour guides can spice up your tour.

Rathlin Island

rathlin-island (1)

Rathlin Island an Inhabited Offshore Island. It is also the home to a wide range of wild animals. There are also other amazing sites you will see on this Island. Rathlic Island can be accessed either through a speed boat or a ferry. The amazing sites on this Island will create memorable moments. Rathlin Island is located on edge Atlantic Ocean. This offers a variety of ways of exploring this famous Island. It can be through inflatable boats, cycling or walking. You will be amazed by the beautiful natural landscapes on this Island. There are plenty of green fields and sea cliffs that offer a stunning view of the sea.

You might also spot a couple of wild animals while on this Island. Make an effort of understanding some traditional culture of the local inhabitants. There are also plenty of dry stone walls, ruined cottages and pillars on this Island. You cannot depart Rathlin Island without checking out any lighthouse. This spot also allows you to see different seabird species.

Dunluce Castle

DunluceCastle1- (1)

People travel across the globe just to see Dunluce castle in Portrush, Northern Ireland. This castle gives people of how the Irish people lived centuries ago. Dunluce castle was completed in between the 1400’s to 1600’s. It was once named the most beautiful castles in Northern Ireland and the surrounding Kingdom. A section of this castle is in ruins. This castle also offers different viewing spots for the surrounding coastal region. You will be amazed by the plenty of historical secrets on this castle. The guided tour will also help you understand the history of Dunluce castle and the surrounding region.

Spare a few minutes and check out the presentation at the welcome center. Dunluce castle is safe for the entire family. It is a protected archaeological site. Therefore, it is constantly monitored.

Crown Liquor Saloon Pub

crown liquor saloon pub (1)

This famous liquor saloon is situated at the capital city of Northern Ireland. Crown liquor saloon is a traditional pub. This is the reason for its fame and unique character. This traditional pub offers real ale beers and a variety of classic meals. Here, you will be privileged to taste a wide range of Irish traditional meals. Crown liquor saloon also exhibits the famous Irish Hospitality. This pub is also situated in a strategic location where it can be accessed from different direction.

You will also hear that the Crown liquor saloon has been operational since 1826 when you visit this popular pub in Belfast. The masterpiece of this pub brings out a unique ancient look. This traditional pub is also colorful. Crown liquor saloon still uses the antique bell system. This bell alerts the staffs of your beer needs. Above all; your liquor can be altered to suit your needs.

Mount Stewart House

Mount-Stewart-House- (1)

The Mount Stewart stands tall in Down County. It is situated at the shores of Strangford Lough. Mount Stewart is a restored 19th century house. It is also a leading tourist attraction site in Northern Ireland. The location and strategic location of this 19th century house amazes a lot of people. You will the Rome bedroom and the central hall floor. There are also a couple of collections on this house. Tour around the house is guided. This ensures you don’t leave out any room. This garden was once listed as one of the top ten gardens in Europe. This garden has a combination of the Shamrock, Mairi, Spanish and Italian garden. Mount Stewart also offers a perfect view of the surrounding environment. There are also a couple of walking trails you can follow on the surrounding environment.

Balloo House Restaurant

balloo house1 (1)

Balloo House is located in Down County countryside. This restaurant and pub combines tradition, history and comfort. Be open-minded if you want to enjoy different kinds of Irish meals. Balloo house offers two kinds of dining options. You can either dine upstairs or downstairs. Downstairs has a wide range of diet that changes daily. These meals range from lamb, venison, fresh fish and other classical meals. Upstairs is considered a luxurious dining set. Here, the kitchen staffs showcase their skills and talent. You can also order plenty of European meals.

Derry (Londonderry)

derry (1)

Derry is a very popular city in Northern Ireland. It is well known for its rich culture and its rich history. There are a couple of things you must do while in Northern Ireland and particularly Derry City. Start your tour by checking out the city walls. This is the only remaining complete city wall in the entire country. This wall was built between 1613 and 1618 for defensive purposes. The Museum of Free Derry is another site you must check out. This museum houses different artifacts that were used from 30th January 1972 or after bloody Sunday.

The tower Museum is another site you should check out. It suits those who want to understand the political conflict that changed this city and Northern Ireland at large. You will be amazed when you see the famous St Columb’s cathedral. The general design and architecture of this historic cathedral will lure you to visit it over and over again. River Watch aquarium is another gem you must check out while in Derry City. This aquarium houses different kinds of fish. They range from coal-fish, starfish, crabs and lobsters, among others.

What are you waiting for? These are some amazing things to do and see in Northern Ireland. This country has more to offer. Make it your next destination the next time you tour Europe.


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