Top 10 Gorgeous Places to Visit in Laos

Laos is a country found in Asia and specifically the South eastern part of the continent. This country is well known for its French architectural designs, beautiful mountain terrains, Buddhist monasteries and the hill tribe settlements. Well; Laos has more to offer. There are specific sites in Laos, you must visit whenever you are in this country.

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang

Luang prabang is a must visit place when in Laos. There are plenty of things to do and see in this part of Laos. It is also a perfect location for understanding the history of the local people. Mount Phousi should be your first tour. It is both a museum and a temple. You will see the golden Stupa and Buddha’s giant footprint when you approach the temple. Afterwards, proceed to the Royal palace museum. Mount Phousi is crowded most part of the day. Therefore, visit this site early to avoid crowd. Proceed to Royal temple museum. This museum was once a royal palace and was built in the year 1904. The Royal temple museum houses collections that date back to the 14th century. The Phatabang Buddha statue is the main attraction in this museum.

You should also check out Wat Xieng Thong temple. It is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. Visit the smaller shrines and other structures here. Wat Xieng Thong temple has been restored on numerous occasions. That is the reason it looks intact and in good shape. Proceed to Kwang Si falls. This is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Laos and Asia at large. Kwang Si falls is visible from different angles. There are also different kinds of fun activities to do around Kwang Si falls. You can grab some local delicacies after visiting the falls. The Pha tad Ke Botanical gardens is another attraction in Luang Prabang you should check out. This botanical garden houses different kinds of endangered species from different parts of the world.

Anyone who visits Kuang Si Butterfly Park will be amazed. Here, you will see different kinds of butterfly species. There are also chrysalises and caterpillars on this garden. You can also take a picture inside Kuang Si Butterfly Park. Visit the Traditional arts and ethnology center for an insight of the culture of the local people. Traditional artifacts and handcraft items are on display at this center. They also highlight different ethnic groups in Laos. Don’t leave Luang Prabang without checking the night market. This market kicks its operations from evening until 10 pm. Here, you will find unique and affordable things.

Tad Sae waterfall is a leading attraction in Luang Prabang you should check out. There are plenty of things to do at this waterfall. It can be swimming, picnic or hiking. Tad Sae waterfall can also be viewed from different angles. Bamboo Bridge, Wat Mai museum, Pak Ou caves and Mekong River Cruises are other sites you should visit.

Si Phan Don Islands

Si phan don island

A lot of people visit Si Phan Don Islands, located in River Mekong. There are plenty of things to do and see on these islands. The Dolphin watching tours is one of the activities around Si Phan Don Islands. There are a couple of dolphins around Si Phan Don Islands. However, the numbers of dolphins have significantly dropped over the years. You might be lucky to spot some dolphins. Kayaking is another fun and popular activity within Si Phan Don Islands. This activity offers a perfect opportunity of checking out the rivers. There is always a tour guide ready to help you on your kayaking adventure.

Some Si Phan Don Islands can be explored through a bicycle or walking. Bicycles are affordable. There are also a couple of biking trails to follow of different Islands. Don Khon Island has a couple of beaches to choose from. You can spend a significant part of your day exploring the beaches. Si Phan Don Islands also has some waterfalls. These waterfalls offer different viewing points. They are also visible from different angles. Some waterfalls offer a perfect background for taking pictures. Si Phan Don Islands are accessible all year round.



Vientiane is the capital city of Laos. This city is unique because of blend of French architectural designs and temples, among others. There is almost an attraction site in every corner of Vientiane. Patuxai is one of the sites you should check out. It is also known as victory gate. This gate was constructed in the year 1968. Patuxai offers a glamorous view of Vientiane city. Ensure you grab a souvenir at the night market before leaving Vientiane city. The night market opens from evening until 10 pm. This market also has unique things.

Proceed with your tour to Pha That Luang. This golden stupa acts as national sovereignty and Buddhism. There is a speculation that part of Buddha’s breast bone was buried at this site. The golden Stupa looks intact and in good condition as it has been restored on numerous occasions. Tour around Vientiane city is incomplete if you skip Buddha Park. This riverside park houses over 200 Hindu and Buddhist statues. All the statues inside the Buddha Park were built in the year 1958. Commence your tour and check out Cope visitor centre. This centre contains different information about the Laos civil war and the bombs that were used. You will also witness the effects of the civil war.

Vientiane is located within the banks of River Mekong. Take advantage of this to explore the river. You can either go on boat riding or bike riding. There is a bike path next to River Mekong. Ho Phra Keo should be your next stop. It was a temple but currently a museum. This site was built during the 1560’s. You will find different kinds of Buddhist relics on this museum. That Dam is another monument you shouldn’t miss out at the capital city. Visit this site to check out the monument and hear stories and myths regarding this site. You will definitely spot Wat Si Muang temple while moving across the city of Vientiane. This is one of the most beautiful temples in Laos and Asian continent. Tad Moun waterfall, Nam Ngum reservoir, Kaysone Phomvihane memorial museum and Wat Si Saket are more places you should visit while in Vientiane.

Vang Vieng Town


Anyone who loves nature should visit Vang Vieng town. This is a nature paradise. There are plenty of activities to do in Vang Vieng town. This is the reason it should be among the places you visit while in Laos. The blue lagoon in Vang Vieng town offers plenty of fun activities. Swimming, rope swings, zip lining and water slide are some common activities in the Blue lagoon. There are different kinds of blue lagoons. Some have fewer people than others. Commence your tour by checking out Tham Chan cave. There is a clear spring immediately outside the cave you can swim. You should also explore the Tham Chan cave. There is a well lit staircase. A section of the cave grants view to the surrounding mountain and town.

Explore Tham Lom if you want some adventure. This site isn’t for the faint hearted. You will see unique crystal formations as you explore the cave. Carry a light to properly explore this cave. Vang Vieng town is located on River Nam Song banks. Therefore, you must explore River Nam Song while in Vang Vieng town. Kayaking is the best way of exploring this river. Lusi cave is another place in Vang Vieng you should check out. This cave will showcase the beauty of Laos. Swimming is one of the fun activities you should check out.

Vang Vieng is also known for its numerous temples. These temples are unique in terms of architectural design. Wat That, Wat kang, Wat Si Sou Mang and Wat Simixay Yaram are some temples you should check out. Tham Phu Kham cave, Pha Poak, kaeng Nyui waterfall and Tham Nam water cave are other attractions in Vang Vieng town.

Luang Namtha

Luang Namtha

Luang Namtha is one of the leading attraction cities in Laos. This city has something for everyone. Nam Ha NPA is a perfect spot for nature lovers. This nature reserve is still intact as it has been preserved. Nam Ha NPA houses the endangered tigers and leopards. This nature reserve is also a jungle and contains different kinds of trees. There is a section of the nature reserve that allows trekking. You will also see different bird species flying around this nature reserve.

Move on to That Phum Phuk. You will be thrilled by the beauty of this grand stupa. That Phum Phuk is also located on top of a hill. This offers a perfect view of a section of Luang Namtha City. Luang Nam Tha Museum is another place you should visit. This museum has a wide array of collections. There are a couple of ancient textiles, pottery arts and musical instruments. Luang Nam Tha museum also houses a Buddha statue that narrates the history of Laos.

Move on to the Golden stupa. It is located on a hill and is one of the most visited sites in this part of Laos. The architectural design of this structure amazes a lot of people. The Golden stupa also offers a marvelous view of the surrounding region. There are also different kinds of waterfalls in Luang Namtha city. Gneung Phou Ku Lom and Nam Dee waterfalls are the commonly visited waterfalls.

Laos is well known for its herbal sauna. This sauna offers a relaxing feeling after a tiresome day. The herbal sauna is also linked to medicinal value. There a couple of spots in Luang Namtha offering the herbal sauna. Kayaking is one of the ways you can properly explore this beautiful part of Laos. Conclude your tour by touring Ban Nam Di village.

Vieng Xai Caves


Vieng Xai caves are part and parcel of the history of Laos. These caves are part of the struggle people went through in order to attain a new nation. Vieng Xai caves are open to the public. However, a small fraction of people know about these historic caves. Vieng Xai caves are located within a green and quite landscape. You will understand about the secret war that took place at this location when you visit the caves. A lot of civilians and soldiers survived aerial bombing by hiding inside Vieng Xai caves. You will be shocked by how Vieng Xai caves look like a treasure city.

Vieng Xai caves give you an idea of how people lived during the secret war. People lived in darkness as they couldn’t risk being spotted by the Americans. Tours around the Vieng Xai caves are guided. You will definitely enjoy your duration at the Vieng Xai caves.

Tham Kong Lor Cave

tham kong lor cave

Tham Kong Lor Cave is one of the hidden gems in central Laos. You will witness how the limestone forms this cave. Tham Kong Lor Cave is estimated to be roughly 300 feet high. This is the reason Laos publicly celebrate this cave. River Nam Hin Bun also flows through this famous cave. Small boats are only allowed through the river into the cave. There is a section inside Tham Kong Lor Cave where you can explore by foot. You will see the famous multicolored lights inside the cave. There are different chambers inside Tham Kong Lor cave. Ensure you explore every corner of this cave. You can take some pictures to remind you of this glamorous adventure.

Wat Phu World Heritage Area

Wat-Phu heritage area

Wat Phu world heritage area is a leading tourist attraction site in Laos. Here, you will find an ancient 10th century temple. Wat Phu temple and the surrounding settlements are listed in UNSECO world heritage site. This is one of the oldest monuments in Laos. More structures inside the temple have been added over the centuries. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Wat Phu temple is still a place of worship. Try your best and attend the Wat Phou festival at this temple. You will enjoy every moment at this festival.

Northern Laos

northern laos

The Northern Laos is situated next to Vientiane city. People who love nature will enjoy every moment of their tour around this place. Northern Laos has one of the most beautiful landscapes. You will be amazed by the forested hills and the green scenery as you tour this location. A section of River Mekong passes through this location. This is one of the places in Laos that showcase the traditions and cultural practices of the local people. Check out Luang Prabang while at Northern Laos. This city is full of colonial architecture and the golden temples. Ensure you try out some local delicacies before leaving Northern Laos. There are also plenty of hotels and restaurant to choose from.

Huay Xai Town


There are plenty of sites and activities to do in Huay Xai. There are also two ways of accessing Huay Xai. It can be through road or by water. Start your tour within Huay Xai by exploring Wat Keophone Savanthanaram temple. There is no doubt this is one of the most beautiful temples in Laos. This temple also has a huge statue. You should also check out Fort Carnot while in Huay Xai. This fort was built by the French during the colonial era. You will understand a bit about the colonial era when you visit this site.

You should also check out Wat Thadsuvanna Phakham. This is one of the modern and latest temples in this town. You will be amazed by the Buddha carvings inside this temple. It is estimated there are roughly eight statues. Don’t leave Huay Xai without checking out Daauw village. This village houses different ethnic communities. You will also see different traditional ways of handling tasks. Daauw village is also the right place to visit if you want to sample some local meals. You will also see some traditional handicrafts as you move around the village.

There are a couple of local saunas in Huay Xai. Local herbs are used in saunas. This makes you relaxed after a long and tiresome day. Huay Xai can also be explored through a boat ride on River Mekong. There are different kinds of boats to choose for your journey. It all depends on your preference. Wat Khonekeo Xaiyaram temple should also be among the places you should visit while in Huay Xai. This temple is renowned for its beauty. Laos is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. You will enjoy every moment of your stay in this country.


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