8 Popular Places to Visit in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country located in central Asia. This country was once under the Soviet rule. There is plenty of evidence that remind people of the Soviet rule. Kazakhstan has in the recent past been developing as a tourist hub. There are plenty of places to visit and fun activities to do on different parts of the country.



Almaty is a very beautiful city. Anyone who has toured this city while in Kazakhstan has nothing but pure praise. Kazakhstan is an oil country. Therefore, you will see luxurious cars and breathtaking buildings while touring this city. There are also plenty of places to visit while in this beautiful city. The Arsan baths is a perfect place to start your day. Arsan baths are ranked among the best baths in Asia. Services offered here is top class. You will feel refreshed after enjoying steam, sauna and some massage. Carry on with your tour to Panfilov Park. This park offers come fresh air and quiet environment. You will also understand the significance of this park among the local residents.

Go on to Zenkov cathedral. This cathedral has been operational since the year 1904. You will be stunned by the beauty of this medieval church. You cannot leave Almaty without purchasing anything. Go on to the Green market. This is a very popular local market. There is almost everything in this market. You will find household items, clothes, meat and fruits, among others. That’s not all; the central mosque is another gem in Almaty worth your time. This is one of the largest and famous mosques in this country.

Take a stroll in the Pedestrian Street in the evening. There are plenty of musicians and vendors along the street. Visit big Almaty Lake for some plenty of fun. Here, you can enjoy picnic and hiking. The surrounding environment is also beautiful and offers a perfect background for taking pictures. You will see mountain range and green vegetation while at the big Almaty Lake. Don’t leave Almaty without spending a few hours at the Medeu Ice Rink and Chimbulak Ski resort. You can go skiing or hiking. You should also go to the ballet and Kok-Tobe while at Almaty city.

Kolsai Lakes National Park

kolsai lake national park

Kolsai Lakes national park is a must visit place while in Kazakhstan. The roads leading to this national park are smooth. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about access. The mountain lakes and the alpines are some of the things you will spot while touring around Kolsai lakes national park. These lakes have their own uniqueness. Therefore, try and check out a couple of these mountain lakes.

The terrain of these lakes offers different hiking adventures. There are also plenty of wild raspberries and wild strawberries on this national park. Hiking along the mountain lakes is a bit simple because of the different hiking trails. Consider the help of local residents because they are familiar with the terrain. You will notice that some lakes are clear, whereas others are very muddy. Ensure you tour Sredny while hiking. This is the most beautiful part of Lake Kolsai. You can take some local pictures to remind you of the fun adventure you had at the Kolsai lakes National park.



Turkestan is considered a significant monument in Kazakhstan. It is also a pilgrim site for the local residents. This monument is estimated to have been built during the 14th century. Turkestan is considered the most beautiful monument ever built in the Kazakhstan soil. This is the reason it should be among the places you must visit while in Kazakhstan. You will also understand how this location grew up as a religious and trade center.

Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve

Aksu zhabagly nature reserve

Aksu- Zhabagly nature reserve is another place worth your time. This is one of the first nature reserves in Kazakhstan. Anyone who visits this nature reserve will be privileged to see different kinds of flora and fauna species. Some species in this nature reserve cannot be found anywhere else. Aksu- Zhabagly nature reserve is located in Talass Alatau Mountains. You need to travel to the western Tien Shan to reach this nature park. This nature park is intact because it is being protected by the state.

You will also see the Aksu canyon while at the Aksu- Zhabagly nature reserve. There are some ancient petroglyphic drawings if you are keen on the canyon. You will also see some rare creatures inside this nature park. Birds are one of the species you will see inside the museum. It is estimated that there are over one hundred and third different bird species. Aksu- Zhabagly nature reserve also houses apodal lizard, a very rare species across the globe. There are also plenty of mammals you will see while at this nature reserve. They range from red deer, mountain goat, Ondatra and musteline, among others. Tour guides are offered to take you around this nature reserve.

Aral Sea

Aral sea

Aral Sea was once the 4th largest lake across the globe. However, human activities destroyed it. People visit this lake while in Kazakhstan to see the damage caused by humans. Currently only seven percent of the lake remains. Visit this site to understand the human activities that led to the degradation of this lake. The effects of the drying up of Aral Sea can be felt and seen. The agriculture in this region is in pure condition. Some economic activities are also struggling.

Structures built around this lake are now abandoned. Aral Sea and Moynaq were once tourist spots during the Soviet era. Hotels, restaurants and beaches were also in plenty. You must take private means if you want to tour Moynaq and what is remaining of the Aral Sea. There are plenty of cotton farms along Moynaq, which is one of the reasons Aral Sea has reduced in size. You will see plenty of abandoned equipment and rusty fishing boats. Take a walk on where was once part of the lake.

Tian Shan Mountains

tian shan mountains

Don’t leave Kazakhstan without checking out Tian Shan Mountains. This is the largest mountain range in this country. Tian Shan Mountains offers plenty of adventure. It is also listed as an UNESCO world heritage site in the year 2013. The Tian Shan Mountains also act as boundary between Tarim basin and Junggar basin. There are plenty of peaks on the Tian Shan Mountains. Some of these peaks are hidden, whereas others are visible from a distance. Bogda peak and Kahn Tengri peak are some of the common peaks in Kazakhstan.

The most interesting part of the Tian Shan Mountains is the heavenly lake. The water in this lake is very clear. It offers a marvelous reflection of the green spruces and the snow peaks. Peaks of Tian Shan Mountains are covered with snow throughout the year. There are also different kinds of plants and animals on these mountains. There are different ways of exploring Tian Shan Mountains. It can be either horse riding or hiking.

Mangistau Province

mangystau province

A lot of people make an effort of visiting Mangistau province while in Kazakhstan. There are plenty of things to do in this region. Start your tour by checking out the Sor Tuzbair landscape. You will see that a large part of this landscape is desert or has saline. The combination of cliffs, hills and deserts offer some hiking adventure. There are also some rocky peaks which you should try conquering while on the Sor Tuzbair landscape. You should also check out Boszhira landscapes while at Mangistau province. The Boszhira landscapes are currently gaining popularity at a high rate. The valley stone balls, Senek Sands, karynzharyk depression, Boszhira cliffs, the Ustyurt Plateau landscape and the Golubaya bay beach are some top attractions in Mangistau province you should check out.

Nur-Sultan (Astana)


Nur- Sultan is the capital city of Kazakhstan. This capital city has plenty of things to offer including attraction sites. Anyone who visits Nur-Sultan will get confused on the sites to start visiting and the once to skip. Therefore, ensure you have sufficient time to tour most of the attraction places. You can start your tour by visiting Khan Shatyr. This fancy mall has different kind of stores. The beauty of this mall makes you feel in another place. Move on to Bayterek tower. The architectural design of this tower appeals plenty of people. Climb on top of the tower and have a proper glance of the surrounding environment and landscape. You should also check out Ak Orda presidential palace while at Nur-Sultan. This palace stands out from any other surrounding building. The presidential palace can only be admired from a distance.

The palace of peace and reconciliation is another attraction site you should check out while at the capital city of Kazakhstan. There is a museum and an opera house inside this attraction site. You will have a glance of the religious tolerance and the cultural history of the local residents. Don’t forget to check out the pyramid look shape from outside. Nur- Sultan also has one of the best architectural designs in Asia. The independence square is the best place to check out the unique and breathtaking building structures.

Do you want an insight of the history of this country? If yes, ensure you visit the national museum of Kazakhstan. You will also get to understand some local cultures. Nur Astana mosque and Hazrat Sultan mosque are some of the most beautiful mosques in Kazakhstan. You should also take a stroll on the old town. There are plenty of attractions in the old town you will see. The military historical museum, the museum of the first president, fountain circus and Keremet Banya are other attractions in the capital city you should check out.

The attraction sites and activities to do in Kazakhstan are unique. Make this country your next vacation spot. You will definitely enjoy every moment in central Asia.


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