Top 5 Sights to Visit in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is ranked as one of the most beautiful countries in the entire Asian continent. The wild mountains, beautiful landscapes, alpine lakes and the local culture are one of the reasons Kyrgyzstan is one of the most visited countries in Central Asia. There are plenty of sights and archipelago sites in this country. Here are some of these sights.

Song-Köl Lake

lake song kol

Song-Kol Lake is one of the alpine lakes in Kyrgyzstan. This lake is situated in the heart of Tien Shan Mountains. There are also plenty of green pastures. This is the reason you will see livestock grazing at this spot during summer. First, you will notice the beauty of the surrounding region. There are plenty of fun activities you can do next to the Song-Kol Lake. Hiking is one of the fun activities. The grassy meadows next to the lake offer different hiking adventures and challenges. Furthermore, there are plenty of hiking trails to choose from. They range from Song-Kol to Jumgal, the southwest of Song-Kol, Saralasaz to Shamshy pass and Song-Kol to Kochkor. You are encouraged to choose local hiking guides.

Horse riding is another fun activity you can engage yourself in while at Song Kol. There are plenty of local guides to help those who have never ridden a horse before. There are different ways of accessing Song-Kol Lake. It can be renting a car or boarding a public means. You don’t have to worry about accommodation while in Song-Kol. There are roughly fifteen Yurt stays distributed around the lake. They also have different management.

Alay Valley

alay valley

The Alay valley in Kyrgyzstan is one of the most beautiful places in Asia. Anyone who visits this site feels out of this world. Its beauty is undeniable. There are also a couple of Turquoise lakes surrounded by yurts next to them. There are different angles you can check the mountain. This is one of the reasons tourists come from different part of the globe to admire this natural phenomenon. Sadly, a lot of people didn’t know about Alay Valley. It is currently one of the top tourist attraction sites in Kyrgyzstan and Asia at large. There are different ways of checking out Alay valley. Trekking is one way of exploring this beautiful valley. You will meet different herders with their livestock, especially during summer. Trekking also allows you to see highest peaks from different angles. You can also tour this valley through driving and horse riding. There are also plenty of lakes on the Alay range.

Köl-Suu Lake


Kol- Suu Lake is another gem in Kyrgyzstan. This lake is also situated next to the Chinese border. Above all; Kol- Suu Lake offers different breathtaking views of the surrounding region and the mountain. Above all; water at Lake Kol Suu is fresh. This beautiful lake is estimated to be roughly 12 kilometers long. It commences from the valley. Steep hiking and horse riding are some ways of exploring this lake. Kayaking is one of the fun activities you can do in Kol- Suu Lake. This lake is situated in Naryn province. The roads leading to this location are in perfect condition. Therefore, visiting Lake Kol-Suu is very smooth. You will see different sheer cliffs as you move around this region. You are encouraged to choose local guides if you want to explore Kol- Suu Lake.



People love visiting Karakol because of the fun activities in this region. Alpine trekking and skiing are some common activities in this region. The history of this region is also worth listening. Karakol was once under the Russian rule. There are also a lot of sights worth visiting. Commence your tour around karakul town by checking out Jolgolot viewpoint. Jolgolot village offers a perfect view of the surrounding region. That is the city, karakol valley and Issyk-kol. Carry on to Karakol animal market. Kyrgyzstan is also known for animal selling. Karakol animal market is one of the biggest markets in this region. Observe how the local people bargain before making any purchase.

Przhevalsky memorial museum is another attraction you must check out while in Karakol. This museum was named after a Russian explorer, whose this region was previously named after. You will see different kinds of exhibitions which try and explain the life of this explorer. Don’t leave Karakol without visiting the holy trinity cathedral that was initially built in the year 1872. You will learn of how the original structure of this church was initially built.

Take time and check out Karakol history museum. This museum houses musical instruments, local tools and some bronze artifacts. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Dungan mosque that was built in the year 1910.

Jyrgalan Village

jyrgalan village

Jyrgalan village is very popular across the globe because of being a mountain village. Such villages are rare. This is the reason it is one of the leading attraction sites in Kyrgyzstan. Jyrgalan village also grew as hiking spot. Anyone who visits this village for the first time stated they felt like in another stone period. This is because of the beauty of the natural scenery and the surrounding landscape. You will see plenty of flock roaming around in this village. Horse riding is another popular activity in this region.

There are no hotels and guesthouses in this region. Instead, village houses are turned into hotels and guestrooms. This offers a perfect opportunity of interacting with the local people. Alternatively, you can stay in Yurt. There are different hiking trails you can choose in this region. Each hiking trail has its own adventure.

There is indeed the beautiful side of Kyrgyzstan a lot of people don’t know. Make an effort of visiting the country for an extraordinary and memorable adventure.


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