Top 10 Gorgeous Sights to Visit in Romania

Romania is located in Balkan Peninsula. This country has a very interesting and rich history that make people want to visit this country. It was once ruled by the Romans before being handed over to the ottomans and the Hungarians. That’s not all; this country has plenty of old towns and other beautiful attraction spread all over the country. This is the reason Romania should be the next tourist spot whenever you are in Europe:

Palace of Parliament


The palace of parliament is one of the top attractions in Romania. It is located in the capital city of this country, Bucharest. This building reminds people of a brutal regime of Nicolae Ceausescu that once dominated Romania. Visit the palace of parliament for an insight of what transpired during the brutal regime. It was built when people were suffering in terms of blackouts and food shortage. The palace of parliament is currently ranked the heaviest building in Romania, Europe and globe at large. It is also has a magnificent look. The beauty of this spot is visible from a distance. The palace of parliament stands nine stories. It also has over 1000 rooms. You will also be able to admire the architectural design of this top site in Bucharest. Go for a guided tour if you are new to this country. You will enjoy every moment of your tour.

Bran Castle


Bran castle is a national monument in Romania. This castle is situated near Bran. Bran castle is situated on top of a hill. This makes it visible from a distance. Its general design proves that it was built during another period. Bran castle was built during the year 1212. It is renowned for its turrets and tall towers. There are also a couple of myths behind this castle. Visit this castle today to hear some of these myths. A lot of people visit Bran castle to admire its ancient architectural structure. The Bran castle can be admired from different angles.

Currently, Bran castle serves as a museum. It is open to the public. There are plenty of things you will see when you visit this attraction site. This attraction site was once a royal residence. There are plenty of royal furniture and art you will see inside this museum. Bran castle also has underground passages, over 60 timbered rooms, weapons and armors.

Bucovina Monasteries

bucovina monestries1 (1)

Bucovina monasteries in Romania were listed as UNESCO world heritage site in the 1993. Anyone who visits these sites will be amazed by two things, namely the architecture and the exterior paintings. The Arbore church is one of the monasteries in the Bucovina monasteries. This church was built in 1503. The Arbore church is also surrounded by both interior and exterior paintings. Humor monastery is another site you should check out. This site was built in 1530. Its Moldavian exterior painting makes it one of the most visited monasteries in Romania.

Moldovita monastery was built in 1410 and is still intact. The exterior mural paintings are still intact and bring out a marvelous look. The paintings seen here cannot be visible any other place. The paintings at Patrauti church are worth your time. These ancient paintings are still intact and visible. There are guides who try and explain the pictures.

Probota monastery is another site in Bucovina monasteries you should check out. Paintings at this monastery are visible as they have been remade. Take time and check out the exterior designs. You should also check out the Metropolitan cathedral, Sucevita monastery and Voronet monastery while checking out the Bucovina monasteries.

Danube Delta

danube-delta (1)

Danube Delta in Romania is one of the top tourist spots. It is known for housing more than 300 different bird species. A lot of people visit this spot just to see different bird species. There are also different animal species you will see in this site. Danube delta has more to offer. Chilia arm is one of the sites in Danube delta you should check out. This site is only accessible through a boat ride. There are a couple of scattered villages with a rich history. These villages are Chilia Veche, Tatanir, Patlagean, pardina and Ceatalchioi.

Lake Rosca is another attraction in Danube Delta. People who love nature will enjoy every single moment at Lake Rosca. Letea reserve is also situated at Lake Rosca. Tour around Letea reserve should be guided. You will spot trees some of which are more than 500 years old. They range from elm, Oak, thorny shrubs and black poplar. Risan is another site you should check out at this site.

Maramureş Region

maramures (1)

There are plenty of fun activities to do in Maramures Region. Maramures region is well known as a cultural attraction and rural landscapes. There are also a couple of UNESCO world heritage sites in Maramures region you will see. Start your tour by checking out the wooden churches. These churches were built over 400 years ago. Eight out of the hundred churches are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites.

Carry out and check out the Barsana wooden church. Barsana wooden church is the most visited site in Maramures region. This church was built in the 18th century. The merry cemetery is another site in Maramures region to check out. This cemetery was designed by a person who hated death. He erected colorful crosses when a person died. The crosses also had a short poem.

The memorial of suffering in Sighetu Marmatiei should be your next stop. This site reminds people of how Romania was under communism rule. Your trip to Maramures region is incomplete if you don’t ride the steam ride. There are numerous ways you can reach Maramures region. It can be through train, air or by bus.

Retezat Mountains


Retezat Mountains is famous for its glacial lakes, marvelous scenery and natural sceneries. This is the reason it is attracts people all year round. Its beauty is undeniable. A guided tour will make you enjoy every moment of your journey. You will also see one of the highest massifs in the region when you visit these Mountains. Make an effort of checking out some glacial lakes while in Retezat Mountains. There are roughly 80 glacier lakes on this site. Each glacier lakes bring out a different look. The peaks of Retezat Mountains offer different views of the surrounding environment.

The famous Retezat national park is another attraction site in Retezat Mountains. This is also the oldest national park in Romania. There are different kinds of wildlife to see in this national park. Retezat national park also has a couple of walking trails. Those who love hiking should visit this site while in Romania. There are plenty of hiking trails to choose from.

Lacrimi și Sfinți (Restaurant)

lacrimi-si-sfinti- (1)

Lacrimi si Sfinti is an award winning restaurant. It is also one of the most famous hotels in Romania. This restaurant mostly serves different kinds of Romanian cuisines. Lacrimi si Sfinti deals with both traditional and modern cuisines. Your tour around Romania will be incomplete if you don’t sample some local cuisines. That’s not all; this renowned restaurant also has some folkloric artifacts. Furniture in this restaurant showcases the old Romanian collection. That’s not all; the local cuisines can be made to suit your needs. The chefs and cooks in this restaurant will make you revisit this site whenever you are in Romania.

Insomnia Cafe

insomnia cafe (1)

Do you happen to be around Cluj Napoca? If yes, spare some time and check out the famous Insomnia cafe. Insomnia cafe is the oldest cafe in Cluj Napoca. You will enjoy its beautifully painted walls. This cafe has a garden and an upper part. You can take sometimes and tour its beautiful garden. The upper part of Insomnia cafe offers a glamorous view of the surrounding environment. People are also attracted by the design of this cafe. Above all; you will love the coffee or any beverage drink served in this local area. Insomnia cafe also houses art shows and music bands.

Biertan Fortified Church


Biertan fortified church is one of the UNESCO world heritage site. It is situated in Biertan, Transylvania. This region is estimated to be around since the year 1283. It is well known for being the house to some ancient sites and monasteries. The famous Biertan fortified church was built during the 15th century. It is situated in the middle of a rural village on top of a hill. Therefore, it is can be spotted from a distance. The defensive walls that were connected to the gates and towers made this church stand tall during invasion throughout history. The general outlook of Biertan fortified church also attracts plenty of people. This church has a gothic architectural look. Go on a guided tour so that you don’t miss any history about this attraction site.

Făgăraş Mountains

dagaras mountains (1)

Fagaras Mountains should be among the beautiful attractions sites to visit while in Romania. The high altitudes of Fagaras Mountains offer a marvelous view of the surrounding landscapes. Fagaras Mountains is also known for its steep rocks and ridges. This makes it a perfect spot for various hiking adventures. There are different kinds of glacial lakes and waterfalls within the Fagaras Mountains. The scenery is also attractive as you tour around this region. There are plenty of sites and things to do in Fagaras Mountains.

These are some of the beautiful attractions in Romania you should check out. You will definitely enjoy every single moment of your tour within Romania.


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