Top 5 Sights to Visit in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country situated in Central Asia. It was part of the Soviet Union. This country is also known for its mausoleums, mosques, rich history, historical monuments and beautiful sceneries. There are plenty of tourist places to visit in Uzbekistan. These locations are distributed on different parts of the country. Therefore, plan your trip to Uzbekistan whenever you are in central Asia. Below are five places in Uzbekistan you must visit:

Registan Plaza

registan plaza

Registan plaza hotel is located in Samarkand. This is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. Registan plaza was built immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union by the Germans. People are impressed by the look and the design of this hotel, despite being from the 90’s. Admire this hotel from different angles before proceeding inside. Registan plaza hotel extends up to 7th floor. This makes it one of the largest hotels in Samarkand city. This offers an excellent view of the surrounding environment. The inside of Registan plaza resembles a cruise ship. It is estimated that there are over 166 rooms inside this hotel. Services offered in Registan plaza hotel are top class. People who visit this hotel will have a magnificent time while on vacation.


bukhara 1

Bukhara is one of the must visit tourist places in Uzbekistan. This location is known for its marvelous architectural designs, both ancient and modern structures. You should also visit Bukhara city if you want to a glimpse of the history of the local people. Visit Gijduvan museum of ceramics while in Bukhara. Pottery has been part of the culture of the local people. Gijduvan museum of ceramics help you understand everything about ceramics. You will understand how skills displayed on this museum have been passed from one generation to another. Here, you will see different works from different craftsmen. There are different kinds of collections inside Gijduvan museum.

Move on to Jeyran Ecocenter while in Bukhara. This tourist place protects endangered species. It has been opened to the public since the year 1997. Breeding for endangered mammals with hoofs is also carried out here. So, embrace yourself for some exciting adventure while at this location. You will see Asiatic wild ass and Przewalski horse while in Jeyran Ecocenter. Some unique plant species, reptiles, birds and fish are housed here. You need a tour guide to transverse this tourist attraction site.

The memorial complex of Naqshbandi is one of the most visited locations in Bukhara and Uzbekistan at large. It is a very significant Muslim pilgrimage site. This pilgrimage site has an interesting history. You should also admire the beauty of this site. Sitorai Mokhi Khosa palace should also be among places you should visit in Bukhara.



Khiva is one of the ancient cities in Uzbekistan. This city gives you a glimpse of how the ancient life was like. Tourists flag this city to see various monuments and attraction sites. Itchan Kala gates are one of the attractions in Khiva city. These original gates were built in the 5th century. The current Itchan Kala gates were built in the 18th century. Check out how the old walls enclose over 200 houses and monuments. These gates also offer a perfect background for pictures. Proceed with your tour to Kunya Ark. This old citadel was built in the 5th century. You will understand different things about Kunya Ark when you visit this site while in Khiva city.

The blue minaret of Khiva is another attraction you cannot miss out on your tour. People are attracted and impressed by the colorful tiles of this site. There are plenty of interesting theories about this tourist attraction site. Climb on top of Minaret of Khiva for a perfect view of the Khiva city. Minaret of Khiva stands out because of its unique European architectural style. You should also create time and explore this site. Juma mosque cannot be left out. This mosque dates back to the 10th century and is considered one of the oldest sites in Khiva. Juma mosque looks good and in good condition because it was rebuilt round the 18th century.

Proceed to Tash Khovli palace. Tash Khovli palace has been around since the 18th century. Walk through its passages and corridors and check out its large yards. You will also be thrilled by its unique ancient architectural design. You should also check out Khiva city walls. There are plenty of things you will see around Khiva city walls. These ancient walls also offer a perfect background for taking pictures. Finally, the largest dome mausoleum dedicated to Pahlavn should be among the places you should visit while in Khiva city. This mausoleum was built in the 18th century.

Savitsky Museum

savitsky -museum1

Savitsky museum is one of the most visited museums in Uzbekistan. This museum specifically houses unique art collections. Art collections in this museum are mostly by Russians. You will also learn how this museum was named after a Russian artist, when you tour this site. Uzbekistan was once under Soviet Rule before it attained its independence. This is the reason the Russian culture is still being felt in the country. It is estimated that there are over 89,000 exhibits inside this museum. Check out these art collections. Request a tour guide to understand in depth information about the art collections inside Savitsky museum. A lot of tourists visit this site throughout the year to see the unique collections.

Margilon City


Margilon is located in Fergana valley. This city has rich history that dates back over 2,000 years ago. Margilon city also has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Uzbekistan. This city has also grown as a tourist attraction site. Check out Said Ahmad Khodja Madrasah while in Margilon. This building was erected in the 19th century. You will be impressed by the interior design of this location.

Proceed on to Toron-Bazaar and Chakar mosques. These two mosques go hand in hand. They are one of the leading attractions in Margilon city. Their architectural designs are breathtaking. Toron-Bazaar has been operational for more than 100 years. Uzbekistan is famous for its silk production. Therefore, visit Yodgorlik silk factory to understand everything about silk production. Don’t forget to grab a souvenir to remind you of the trip in this location. Khodja Maggiz and Pir Siddiq complex are other attractions in Margilon city you should check out.

Uzbekistan is like a hidden gem. There are other things in this country you should explore. Make Uzbekistan the next country to visit while on vacation.


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